The red candle cup.

Day and night is present in our lives since the moment of our birth. Place a lit candle in this cup and a world of reflection opens, giving a fantastic ambience. Light is all about sensation, math, physics and some mysticism at the mixture. Light has been studied by many geniuses from Albert Einstein to Richard Feynman giving birth to fantastic ideias about the universe around us, but a side from the speed of light, it’s diffraction the common human knows little about it.

Many activities explore light, modelled it and play with it. Photography explores light to an outstanding level. Texture, highlights, color, black and white, grey toned images are just a few examples.

Unfortunately I don’t have much answers regarding light simulation and what can be done with it. Interestingly games play with light from rendering shadows, light glare, and more effects. Photo editing software also create lens flare effects, maybe these can be considered to be some sort of light modelling.

Either by exploring light on a nice summer day or by taking that photo at sun down, light remains the source of inspirations that holds still many secrets to tell.

Red and silver Squared Glued Glass Cup

The moon & maybe some optics

I had the magnificent privilege to stare at the moon on a deeply dark night. I went initially to see the milky way since the observatory is located on a Dark Sky reserve. A Dark Sky reserve is a an area which guaranties low illumination at nigh allowing for high quality star gazing at night. Unfortunately the Moon out shined many starts and reduced star gazing conditions. Although I did’t have great conditions the moon was positioned just right for some good Moon photos.

I normally focus my attention to more standard questions “will the bridge withstand the train?” or “what is the temperature in my room if i turn on the heater” or even “will this shape have good aerodynamics?”. But do we often ask our serves “will light reflect?”, “How does light reflect?”. (Maybe optics specialists look at this) Simulating light. I know this subject isn’t new. What is this nowadays? Still this affects our glasses, telescopes, data connections through finer optics.

Since I know little about this subject, I will investigate deeper what is out there regarding simulating light.

The Moon
The Moon at a Dark Sky reserve taken from a telescope in combination with an iPhone..