It takes a virus to make us reflect about our daily comutes. A COVID-19 reflection.

Our daily comute to work, for many of us,  is our first morning journey, however some of us travel from point A to point B during work, some of us can traverse many factories, shops and houses as part of our job. Interestingly many eventually will go to the supermarket, some daily, others weekly and others monthly depending on their personal planing, but we all need to eat! Even going beyond the supermarket, one needs to have lunch at work, where many go out of work to eat, use a canteen, eat in workplace or eat at home.

For those that eat in a canteen or go out to eat, a new norm seems to be growing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Social distancing will be required for now on,
  • Maximum entrance capacity limit (no more crowded rooms),
  • Hygiene etiquete 

The places we eat or get food are places of gathering, and they seem to be the perfect places to know where any virus lurks and is transmitting.

For these reasons my recommendation is to be cautious in these zones for they will be the zones with high probability of transmission.

As we enter in community spread, active suppression in these zone will have many advantages:

  • Stop mass community transmission,
  • Segregate  positives and their relatives,
  • Get to know the transmission circuit

Since resources are limited suppression measures need to be used rationally, however if we get an idea of virus spread we can more actively direct our efforts. Since “feeding” zones are points of convergence it might well be a good starting point to statistically apply suppression methods, for any positive will give valuable information of virus infection state geographical localisation.

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Our day to day travels