HandleBar model constraints: The Model & assumptions

I started showing two handlebar model versions (before and after 2017 model). Introduced my constraints into the handlebar, fixation and load location. But now what? The objective!!!! I wanted to know where was the weak spot of the handlebar. It has two elbows at each side. Where will the cracks start preferebly? I could just say 50% chance on any of the elbows but that would be to easy.

So why not Build the simulation model???? First check my previous posts:

Handlebar model constraints

Handlebar model case II

Handlebar mesh

Handlebar mesh

Forgetting about model accuracy I am just looking for the stress field.

My assumptions:

  • Isotropic material
  • No transient effects

Making the mesh was straight forward with FreeCAD. The two meshers in FreeCAD behaved differently in Gmsh I could not use the default values. I had to use max 1.8mm and min 0.8mm mesh size. On NetGen I used the default without any issues.

I am not saying that it was easy to setup things… I got many installation issue however in the end everything worked. Fortunatelly FreeCAD has a great forum that can help when in need.

FreeCAD forum post 

On a next post I will look at the results…