Improving Rendering in DS Mechanical 2.0

Some time ago I was noticing some rendering quality degradation on my screen. I noticed that maybe my customization values had change. In order to have nice graphics one just needs to change on the options menu the following.

Improving Rendering In Design Spark
Improving Rendering In Design Spark

Fracture Mechanics

I had an interesting problem to solve last week. It was concerning fatigue failure. A simple element after sucessive stress solicitations breaks apart (nothing new). It starts with a small scratch/crack and after a few million cycles and voilá the part breaks.

I initially made the traditional fatigue analysis but discovered that it is possible to go one step ahead! Using crack analysis directly in my model. Well I know this is around since at least 2014 so says Ansys.

My traditional approach involved a two way analysis where I calculated my maximum stresses for a dynamic input load measured through lab tests. After this I used standard fatigue analysis techniques to calculate the fatigue strenght. To do this I also required a wohler curve.

An alternative way is to include the crack into the finite element model and calculate what happens after a few cycles. Some software packages allow this type of calculation making our lives simpler.

I will go more indeph on fracture mechanics and fatigue in the future but for now I just want to give some good references to get started fast in this subject.

A good example of what to do, to give you a guide for your first steps on fracture mechanics can be seen in the following link.

A good example of a fatigue fracture can be seen in the Wikipedia