Ansys extensions

Every now and then I look for new extensions that Ansys can support. Some time ago this software package allowed for third party extension development but there weren’t many to choose. Since then things have evolved a great deal. Browsing through the internet I discovered that CADFEM has been working hard on this subject and offers a few extensions as its products. They are not all purpose extensions and have a very specific purpose in some cases like moulding specific calculations. Aside from these which I showed Ansys site offers quite a big set of plugins also, some free others paid.

The meshing dilema

Some times we use the default mesh and get happy with the result,s others we don’t. It is hard to develop a test setup or expensive to buy the test setup equipment to calibrate the model. On these cases that we can’t compare results we have to take simulation results as final. This presents a few chalenges since how do we know the model is good enough for our purpose? Normally I follow two paths either by analytically calculating a rough value or by carefully analysing mesh sensitivty, analysing energy balances and whatnot. Although it is tempting to take a rough model as final, bad consequences can come from that decision, since we can end up with divergent results that relate more to model deficiencies than to the actual physics in hand.
Look at this example where I have 3 result set’s for varying thicknesses, however with different meshing strategies.

Meshing Sensitivity
Meshing Sensitivity

Which of the lines is the truth? Just a small change and such a big difference. You have to trust me on this, there is a big difference 200MPa from bottom blue to top grey.