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FreeCAD with Gmsh Guides

  • Meshing a fused geometry in FreeCAD for complex models.
    Some times we need to create two objects separately but in the end fuse them together to make the final FEM mesh, or imagine that you need to place boundaries on very specific places on your solid that require some kind of section. Here I got into some problems with FreeCAD to understand how to … Read more
  • Creating a sliced 2D geometry in FreeCAD for a differentiated mesh in Gmsh
    FreeCAD makes it easy to create a mesh on a single body or surface. However if we want one body or surface that is a combination of multiple solids or surfaces that share the same boundaries isn’t so direct. This is fundamental when creating more detailed meshes for example. In this article I will be … Read more
  • Using FreeCAD FEM workbench with External Gmsh mesh
    Creating a body in FreeCAD but being able to use a mesh made externaly in Gmsh can be useful when you want to use all the latest features from Gmsh. In this article I will be exploring how this is done in FreeCAD. FILE TYPES HOW TO DO IT  DIFICULTY RATING 1. FILE TYPES To … Read more
  • Easy conversion of STEP geometry to STL format for use in Blender 
        Blender is a fantastic software for modelling, animation and sculpting; however importing geometries from a .step file can be a pain. This can be useful if you have a CAD file built in Fusion 360, Solidworks, FreeCAD, if you download a CAD file online from GrabCAD or you want to control the density … Read more
  • Want to easily Make advanced detailed Hex mesh in Gmsh?
    On some commercial applications meshing is integrated like Ansys or Fusion 360, however on the open source landscape a mesh generation software is developed separately from the solver. Gmsh works with solvers like Calculix for example. Mesher and solver can come integrated into a CAD application like FreeCAD. Although the mesher can be quite powerful … Read more


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