Who is out there consulting

I was searching the web for CAE serviçes companies and made a listing of the top ranking companies in this field. I still think I am missing a few specific areas that are not in the typical mechanical engineering field. Please feal free to recomend more to my list, will add them gratefully.

• CadFem (http://www.cadfem.de/en.html)
• Enterfea (https://enterfea.com/blog/)
• Simuleon (https://www.simuleon.com/
• CAE ASSOCIATES (https://caeai.com/)
• PADT (http://www.padtinc.com/)
• FS Dynamics (http://fsdynamics.se/)
• CAE (http://www.cae.com/)
• CAELynx (https://caelynx.com/)
• Optimal (http://www.optimalinc.com/)
• CAE Automotive GMbH (http://www.cae-automotive.de/)
• Dynamore (https://www.dynamore.de/en)
• CAE SIM SOL (http://www.cae-sim-sol.com/) *Bio
• BETA simulation Solutions (https://www.beta-cae.com/) *Bio
• AMET (http://www.amet.it/) *Bio

The list is still incomplete…