Where will I get material data!!!

This is one of the most important details in simulation. Every model requires physical properties, these are measured from actuall samples and tests. Problem is there are millions and millions of materials all different and each with it’s own specific set of properties.

So where can we get our hands on material data for free.
If we google this subject we find a very popular resource which is Matweb (www.matweb.com). However most of the time it doesn’t have what I need! Still it is a huge database and has a lot of information, however it is not that easy to find more specific information like a stress – strain curve (what is this? I’ll explain later.
There are some paid databases:

  • Materiality (http://www.matereality.com/)
  • Granta Material Inteligence (http://www.grantadesign.com/)
  • Digimat-CAE (http://www.e-xstream.com/products/tools/digimat-cae)
  • TestPacks (http://www.datapointlabs.com/testpaks/)

CadFem posted an anouncement of a free Database access for 50 materials from materiality. http://www.cadfemukandireland.com/consultancy/materials-database/

Or check Free 50 material from materiallity database for Ansys. (DatabaseLite) at:


A good example on how to use material data in ansys and know what are those stress-strain curves can be seen here.

There is however a free resource for material data which is quite compreensive, but it’s for plastics (Injection moulding materials) – CAMPUS (http://www.campusplastics.com/)

I will develop more on this subject in the future.