Welcome! This site is all about the world that surrounds us from the very small to the very big, from mechanics, electrodynamics, magnetics and physics in general. With the focus to develop models that help us understand design offered by nature and man so that we can admire not only visually through photography but also through their diverse complexity.


My education background is in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, however currently in my professional life I occupy a function of Simulation Engineer aiding in product development.


COVID-19 pandemic growth in Portuguese territory

All over the world we start to get richer datasets of the pandemic evolution in each country. Portugal is a small country on the western extremity of Europe next to Spain. Let us examine the numbers. The results are based on the python code shared by: https://scipython.com/book/chapter-8-scipy/additional-examples/the-sir-epidemic-model/ With some modifications to take into account transmission …